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dragonfish slotsSo, you are thinking about signing up and claiming a no deposit Dragonfish slots bonus, are you? What does this offer really entail, though? If you aren’t sure, you could be claiming a bonus blindly. Fortunately, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. With our quick guide to no deposit slots bonuses, you can easily learn about these great deals and what they can offer you when you first sign up at an online casino site.

The basic principles of the Dragonfish Bonus

First, let’s look at the most elementary question, shall we? What is a Dragonfish slots bonus for? As its name suggests, this is a bonus which is offered to players without a deposit having to be made. The basic idea is that it allows you to test drive an online casino’s games without losing any of your own real money.

The offers usually come as a few free spins, although it is also possible that they may pop up as a cash bonus, which can be used to play real money slots at the casino site.

How to claim your no deposit slots bonus

Now that you know a little bit about the bonus, how do you go about claiming it? That process is easy.

First players need to sign up at an online casino site. The “join now” or “sign-up” button on the homepage will likely take you to an e-form. Simply fill out the e-form with your personal details, and then submit it. You will likely need to confirm your account via e-mail.

Some Dragonfish spin bonus offers require promotional bonus codes to be entered. There is probably going to place a for this on the e-form. If not, pop along to the cashier’s section of the casino and enter any promo codes required (they will be visible on the promotion page of the site) there. If you’re not required to enter promo codes, sign-in to your casino account.

How to play dragonfish slots for free with your bonus

The next thing that you need to do (if you’ve entered your promo codes, or you don’t need to enter any codes) is open any dragonfish game that the no deposit slots bonus is valid on. The list of games the bonus is valid on will be listed under the terms and conditions of the offer, which is again visible on a casino’s promo page.

If you have free spins on slots with the no deposit bonus which can be used, then spinning the reels will instantly see those deducted as you play. You should be able to play for free (and win real money) if you have free spins left.

Taking home your winnings

Should you win anything, you are unlikely to be able to take away your winnings just like that. You should be able to use them to play other slots at the site, or you may have them frozen as a bonus which becomes unlockable when you deposit. Either way, though, whatever you win with no deposit slots bonuses is yours to keep and play further real money slots for free with.