Dragonfish No Deposit Bonuses

What better way to “test drive” an online casino than by playing for free, with the potential to win real money? Many of the leading online casinos on the net offer this option. It provides you with a no strings attached way to find out if a casino is your cup of tea, long before you decide to wager your hard-earned cash on games there.

The ability to play for free at casinos is delivered via a Dragonfish no deposit bonus. There are four major types of Dragonfish bonuses you can claim when you join an online casino. Each casino will have its own kind of bonuses available for you, but, generally speaking, they will include one of the following four. Here is what each type of Dragonfish casino bonus can offer you…

Dragonfish free spin bonuses

The most commonly offered Dragonfish casino bonus is the free spin bonus. This offer allows you claim a handful of free spins, which are valid on either a single slot, a selection of slots, or most slots a casino carries. You do have the ability to win real money (though, there may be a cap on how much), but these bonuses are only valid on slots, not other games.

Some Dragonfish bonuses come as free spin offers, valid on some or most games. Only useful for slots.

Dragonfish cash bonuses

By contrast, Dragonfish cash bonuses come as small sums of cash. These may also be valid on just a handful of slots, or most games at a casino. The sums seldom exceed £25 in value, but you can win real money with these offers. These offers can sometimes be used to play table games, too. You often have around a week or so (perhaps two) to spend your Dragonfish cash bonuses.

Dragonfish no deposit bonuses

Dragonfish free play bonuses are very similar to Dragonfish cash bonuses. However, these Dragonfish no deposit bonus offers are worth vast sums of cash (often £1,000 or more). You can use the funds on any games a casino houses, and this really helps you get a feel for the site before you wager real money on games. There are catches, though. You must wager the entire sum within a short period of time (often an hour or so), you can only keep up to £100 (in most cases), and you will generally need to deposit before you can access your winnings. These types of Dragonfish casino bonuses are gradually dying out in the online casino world.

Dragonfish wheel bonuses

One of the newer types of Dragonfish casino bonus offers you can find is the wheel bonus. This will often involve a spin on a wheel, and that wheel will determine whether you land free spins or cash. The amount of spins or cash you can win depends on your spin of the wheel. The actual Dragonfish casino bonuses on offer are the same as those mentioned above, and it is just the mechanism in which they are triggered which differs. This Dragonfish casino bonus is becoming more common at mobile casinos.