Dragonfish Free Spins

Most of you will be familiar with dragonfish free spins as a form of welcome bonus. You will also likely have heard of no deposit welcome bonuses. These two, form the most commonly offered bonuses and promotions to new players at most online casinos. Did you know, though, that dragonfish free spins and no deposit no wager bonuses can also be offered as loyalty bonuses?

Why should only new players have access to no deposit bonuses and dragonfish free spins? After all, you plough plenty of cash into your favourite online casino games; shouldn’t you be entitled to a bit of the action, too? Well, as it turns out, you are.

What is a loyalty bonus?

A loyalty bonus is an online casino’s way of offering bonuses and promotions to already existing members of their site, based on their gambling activities. These bonuses often include no deposit deals, such as dragonfish free spins and free cash.

Loyalty bonuses usually form part of a loyalty club or VIP program. In most cases, players will earn points based on their wagering habits, and those points can then be accumulated. Players can move up and down loyalty tiers, much like a ladder, with each higher tier offering more goodies.

How can you earn loyalty bonuses?

The points you can acquire are earned by playing games. Every £1 you spent, for instance, may give you one loyalty point. Some sites dictate that every £10 you spend earn you a loyalty point; the values change from site to site. Either way, you can earn points via this method.

Once you have acquired enough points, you can exchange them for goodies, and some of those goodies include dragonfish free spins and cash, both of which do not require you to make a deposit into your casino account.

Dragonfish free spins loyalty bonuses

If you have opted to claim free spin loyalty bonuses, you will likely be given a list of games which they are valid on. These no deposit no wager bonuses can be used to play your favourite slots and potentially win real money.

If you happened to claim free cash, there will be restrictions on what you can use your no deposit free cash loyalty offer on, but the selection is usually broad enough that it should suffice most players’ needs. Of course, none of this explains the “no wager” part. So, what’s all that about?

No deposit, no wager loyalty bonuses

On the rare occasion – and we mean rare – some loyalty bonuses come as no deposit no wager deals. This means that you do not need to deposit to claim the offers (as is often the case with loyalty bonuses) and that they come free of wagering requirements. In this case, you can spend your free cash or play your dragonfish free spins and keep anything you win. Moreover, you can withdraw anything you win. These are the most precious types of loyalty bonuses you can claim, which is why, as we’ve said, they are often hard to come across.